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Make consistent profit with options.

Latest Results

Date Symbol Length Result Chart
10/06 NFLX 3 Hours 151%
10/05 QQQ 1 Hour -25%
10/01 QQQ 1 Day 34%
09/30 QQQ 1 Day 39%
09/29 QQQ 1 Day 85%
09/28 NFLX 1 Day 12%
09/21 QQQ 1 Day 57%
09/15 GOOG 5 Days 219%

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August 2015 Core Strategy Pre-Trade Analysis


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Looking for an option trading strategy that works?

Our stock option trading strategies offer profitable option trade alerts via Twitter, SMS, and email. Get up to 50% target profit with single-leg, one directional, call or put option trades. Boasting a lifetime average winning history of 77%, we're the best option advisory service available. See what option trading strategy works for you:

Special Plays Options Trading Strategy

Looking for short term option trades?

Check out the Special Plays Options Trading Strategy for weekly trading opportunities with a 2 day average holding time.

Core Options Trading Strategy

New to option trading or trading once a month?

The Core Options Trading Strategy is the most consistent trading strategy available and issues trades once a month.

Options Trading Strategy Bundle

Looking for maximum trading opportunities?

Our Option Trading Strategy Bundle lets you trade both of our successful strategies for up to 20 option trades each month.

Can't watch the market? Autotrade our alerts.

Don't have time to watch the market?

Our exclusive autotrade partner can help you execute all of our trading strategies even when you are unable to manage your positions.

Option Trade Alerts

Choose your preferred method of delivery for our option trade alerts, or receive all three. It is your choice:

Instant trade notification via Twitter.

Twitter notifications

We are proud to be the first option advisory service offering real time trade notifications via Twitter.

Instant trade notification via Twitter.

SMS notifications

Don’t have a Twitter account but want lighting fast notifications for trades? Have no fear, SMS is here.

Option trade alerts via email.

Email alerts

If email is your preferred method of communication, we have got you covered.

Option trade alerts See how we distribute our option trade alerts.

Let's talk options

There is always a conversation to be had with traders just like you. Leverage the experience of our members to learn and grow as an options trader.

  1. Share your thoughts with members who received the same option trade alert on the Options-Intelligence website
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Key Statistics

Our stock option trading strategies boast some amazing statistics collected from our option trade alerts since 2002:

  • 3150 Total option trades
  • 2411 Winning option trades
  • 77% Winning history
  • 73% Average gain

Trade statistics

Latest trades
Date Symbol Result
10/06/15 NFLX 151%
10/05/15 QQQ -25%
10/01/15 QQQ 34%
09/30/15 QQQ 39%

options trading history

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