Instant trade notification via Twitter.

Twitter notifications

We are proud to be the first option advisory service offering real time trade notifications via Twitter. Follow us @optionsintel for instant notifications from our option trading strategies.

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Instant trade notification via Twitter.

SMS notifications

Don't have a Twitter account but want lighting fast option alerts? Have no fear, SMS is here for domestic (USA based members)Opt out at any time. Carrier fees may apply.

SMS Instructions

Option trade alerts via email.

Email notifications

If email is your preferred method of communication, we have got you covered. Email alerts take a bit longer than Twitter or SMS, but are a preferred method for many option traders.

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Killer profit with options

Our option picks are generated from two proprietary option trading strategies with major profit potential:

20% – 50%

Target Profit
Per option pick

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Trade weekly or monthly

Our option trading strategies offer option picks on weekly or once a month basis.

  • Up to 20 option trades per month
  • Single-leg, call & put trades only
  • Short holding times

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With options, time is money. We wouldn't accept waiting for any option picks, why should you?

Sample alert on an iPhone.

Receiving instant trade notifications

Instant trade notifications pushed to Twitter and SMS provide you with crucial details to get the trade information. These details include the trade type either (Special Plays Options Trading Strategy or Core Options Trading Strategy) and a quick link to the trade alert on website.*

Receiving email option trade alerts

You will receive your option trade alerts through email to the address you provide. Our trade alerts are sent to our members through MailChimp and are typically delivered within 5 minutes or less.


Option Picks Information

Your trade alerts will provide you with a secure link to view our option picks on the website. There you will see all of the information you need to successfully execute your trade:

  1. Option symbol of the recommended trade**
  2. Current price at the time of the alert
  3. Current time the alert was sent

Receive stock alerts on Apple.

Receive stock alerts on Android.

Receive stock alerts on Blackberry.

Receive stock alerts on Windows Phone.

*Members: Bypass login on by using the "Remember Me" feature and logging into the website on any device you might receive a trade notification.
**You should familiarize yourself with option symbology before you start trading options.

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Start trading one of our stock option trading strategies today. Prices start at just $100 per month.

  • Perfect for any options trader
  • Trade monthly or weekly
  • Single leg calls or puts
  • Instant trade nofications

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Key Statistics

Our stock option trading strategies boast some amazing statistics collected from our option trade alerts since 2002:

  • 3148 Total option trades
  • 2410 Winning option trades
  • 77% Winning history
  • 73% Average gain

Trade statistics

Latest trades
Date Symbol Result
10/01/15 QQQ 34%
09/30/15 QQQ 39%
09/29/15 QQQ 85%
09/28/15 NFLX 12%

options trading history

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