Trade alerts via Email

Option trade alerts via email.To receive email trade alerts, you must be a member with an active subscription to one of our option trading strategies. Trade alerts are sent to members from: Members should add this address to their contacts or email safe list (depending on your email service). Contact us if you need help doing so!

Email trade alerts are delivered to members within minutes after being posted to the Options-Intelligence website.

Trade notifications via Twitter

Instant trade notification via Twitter.Receiving trade notifications on Twitter is both the quickest and easiest method available. Simply follow us @optionsintel and you will begin receiving trade notifications from our stock option trading strategies. Note, you must have or create a free Twitter account to receive notifications.

Trade notifications through Twitter are delivered in seconds after being posted to the Options-Intelligence website.

Trade notifications via SMS

To receive trade notifications through SMS, you must join our SMS alert service. To do so simply:

  1. Create a new text message on your cell phone
  2. Include the words OPTIONSINTEL ALERTS in the body of the message
  3. Finally, send the text message to the number 878787

Instant trade notification via Twitter.

If you have successfully subscribed, you will receive the following message: "You have subscribed to OI trade alert notifications. Text HELP for a list of commands or END to end receipt. Message and data rates may apply.

Trade notifications through SMS are delivered in approximately one minute or less after being posted to the Options-Intelligence website. You will receive Special Play & Core Strategy Alerts through this service, totaling approximately 5 - 10 alerts per week.

Check our SMS provider to see if your carrier is supported.

Unsubscribe instructions for SMS

You can unsubscribe from our SMS alerts at any time. Simply send OPTIONSINTEL STOP to 878787. If you need any further assistance, send OPTIONSINTEL HELP to 878787.

Trade alerts vs. notifications

There is a distinct difference between trade alerts and trade notifications:

Option trade alerts via email.

Trade alerts

Trade alerts, such as the ones sent via email, contain member's only information. Alerts provide members with the information needed to execute an option trade based on the option trading strategy. This information typically includes an option symbol and can also include general insight into the trade, risk, or expected trade time.

Instant trade notification via Twitter.Instant trade notification via Twitter.

Trade notifications

Trade notifications are indicators that an option trade alert has been posted to the Options-Intelligence website. Trade notifications include very basic information about the trade alert. This information includes which option trading strategy the trade alert came from and a link to the trade alert on the website.

Members: Use the "Remember Me" feature on any device (smart-phone or computer) to bypass the login step encountered when clicking on a link in a trade notification.

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Key Statistics

Our stock option trading strategies boast some amazing statistics collected from our option trade alerts since 2002:

  • 3151 Total option trades
  • 2412 Winning option trades
  • 77% Winning history
  • 73% Average gain

Trade statistics

Latest trades
Date Symbol Result
10/07/15 GOOG 355%
10/06/15 NFLX 151%
10/05/15 QQQ -25%
10/01/15 QQQ 34%

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